How to Prepare for Campus Recruitment

campus recruitment placementNow that you are in the last year of your college, you are hoping to get selected in campus placement itself. As that saves you from looking for a job yourself and gives you a reputation. Here are some lots of tips to follow.

In the Aptitude tests:

  • You should have gotten your basics (C, C++, C#, DS, OS) cleared.
  • Attempt the questions which will take time (viz. trace output, quant) first. The theory-types questions (viz. OS) can be solved later, because either you will know it or you won’t, no need to worry about that at the early stages of the test.
  • Practise enough Quantitative questions so that you don’t even have to think whilst solving them in front of the campus recruiters.
  • You have less time than you think, so hurry hurry hurry.

After the tests comes the Interview

  • Eye contact with the interviewers – All The Time.
  • Have Basic intro for – all your projects
  • Learn to write code on paper. If you are reading this article while you are in the 1st year, this is something to remember. Start now! Writing on paper is different from typing it. You don’t have a backspace key or a compiler, hence you will think before writing code and make fewer mistakes.
  • Some questions wouldn’t have a “right answer”, they are asked just to see what unique answers you can come up with.
  • If you say you know a language – you must know it. Otherwise don’t say that you do.
  • Some interviewers would even ask what you are good at, and ask questions on that. If you are strong in some areas, work on it and make it your fortress.

The very Technicalities in the technical round

  • Data structures are used to filter the good from the bad & the ugly. So make yourself strong in all basic structures and associated algorithms (viz. linked lists, stacks, queues, graphs, tress). Make sure you know how to select the right structure for a given problem.
  • If a problem requires a very efficient solution, bit manipulation comes into play often. Hence bit manipulation problems WILL be asked.
  • When giving an answer to a technical question, think aloud! i.e, tell what you are thinking, like a mad man. This is absolutely important because you may not get the solution, but atleast the interviewer would know your approach to the solution, and would take that into consideration.
  • Hashing is a shortcut to solving many a problem, hence practise open and closed hashing a little.

After the technicalities are over, some humane questions

  • When the interviewer asks if you have a question for them, do have some questions, atleast two, that you can ask. It shows you have interested in joining the company.
  • Not all interviews are completely technical or completely HR, be prepared to anything.
  • For the HR round, be ready with the answer “Why do you want to work with us?” Read up on the company and what they work on — before going into the interview room.
  • Luck is a huge factor. Want to get lucky– practise having interviews so that you get lucky. Ask your teachers/classmates to take your interviews.