Benefits of Pseudo – Code

Pseudo code is the wording of algorithm. For example, if a you need to get to a home page, then after checking username & password you need to go to the next (profile) page, then the pseudo code would be something like this.


Give username box
Give Password box – the words can’t be seen
Give Submit button

 Login Check Page

(This page would not be visible to the user)

Open connection with the databse
Check whether there is a user with the username AND password matching the items entered by the user

if yes – send him to profile page.


Return back to the Homepage

If you use pseudo – code, you will go through the whole process of coding before typing the first word. This will help you see what are the problems you may face whilst coding or at a later date when the program hits the market.

Many a times you start with 20 pages for a website and end up with 64 since you have to put different class and checks in different pages so as to lower the size of each page to a minimum. This is especially true in web apps where lowering the downloadable size of apps are important.

Not only does psedocode makes coding faster but it also makes it cleaner. Since the words are already in the comments,

If you’re a student, start making projects by first writing the pseudo-code, you’ll learn faster and this would be a good habit to cultivate.