Get Rejected!

You are going to face rejection all the time. When approaching for a job, approaching an investor or approaching a girl, if you don’t get how to deal with rejection, then there would be a problem.

You will get rejection at the amount that you have ambition, you have to approach a lot of people to do a lot of things and many people wouldn’t like what you propose, so they’ll reject you. If you take that rejection in your heart and dwell on it all the time, you are prone to get depressed.

Just learn from the experience and try again.

Look how WhatsApp founder dealt with not getting jobs at Twitter or Facebook. And it was not like he didn’t have language skills like HTML, CSS, PHP or other frameworks.

rejection facebook twitter

Brian Acton Getting Rejected

People reject those who approach them for a variety of reason, not necessarily because those being approached think of the approacher as a bad candidate. It may very well be that the approachee* thinks the approacher is far too good.

This quality of developing the thick skill is very important is many areas of life. If you don’t have it then try developing it. It is like a muscle, the more you practise, the more it strengthens. You could develop it by doing things that have lots of rejections inherent in them, just make sure that you don’t feel that people rejecting you is a big deal.

For example, you could Join an NGO and ask for donations or maybe a political cause and ask for people to be members. Another thing you can do it become a salesperson at a clothing store where they need lots of salespeople but don’t carry much qualifying criterion.

One important area where you develop this skill very fast is by asking out any girl you see – would you like to go on a date with me. All the rejections will make you rejection-depression proof. You can see many other ways to exercise this, do it and success is waiting for you in the future.

*Approachee – The person whom the approacher approaches.