Should you tell your expected salary to potential employer

And If so how much……….

ssalary negotiation

There are pros of telling a high expected salary. People start negotiating based on the base quote. Hence it is always beneficial to have a high base.

For example:

        If somebody quotes a shoe for Rs. 600/- and you’ll say no, Rs. 500/-. But if the same shoe is quoted by the seller for Rs. 400/-, then you’ll start negotiating saying Rs. 350/-. Even if the seller was willing to sell the shoe for Rs. 300/-.

For the same reason, having a high initial salary quote is beneficial. But it has its downsides. If the buyer (in this case the employer) does not have the budget for it, he may just pass even if you are an eligible candidate and even if you are willing to work for less.

A different tactic

        Another tactic is to not quote any salary. You put the responsibility of judging your talent on the employer.  Now as a former employer, I can tell you that a good employee is hard to find and is worth the extra pay. And hence if you have the skills the employer is looking for, then this tactic is best. Why?

        Well they quote lower than what you expect, they would loose you. This is a bigger problem for them than loosing a little amount as your salary. So like tender process, they’ll quote a higher salary than you expected.

The glitch in it…

        is – What if the employer here is an HR department member? For them, the incentives are to hire good candidates but at average salary. If you are worth way more than average salary, they may not quote that much salary.

The risk is worth it!!

        What if you are not that good with your skills; or maybe you are just not confident about your skills. Well the saying goes Fake it till you make it. Act as if you are confident and slowly you will be. Even if you are not good at what you do, being confident has other advantages, especially when working with teams and dealing with customers and bosses.

A digress*-ful question is: How confident should be you be?

The answer is, unless you are getting killed or getting seriously harmed physically, it’s always better to be overconfident than under-confident, non-confident or just confidence. Even if you fail because of over-confidence, you will learn something. There is a reason why girls like brash guys.

*Digress means ->Leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing