Shrieking should be banned in women’s tennis

Shrieking should be banned from women’s tennis

It was great watching Steffi Graf & Martina Navratilova competing in Wimbledon.

steffi graff martina navratilova shrieking

Steffi Graff                                                                                             Martina Navratilova

Then came seles, Monica Seles;

monika seles - 1st shrieking winner

Monika Seles – The First Shrieker

and her shrieking got me out of women’s tennis. Then some guy stabbed her. Again women’s tennis got some viewers.


Maria Sharapova shrieking

Maria Sharapova

But again after some years of lull came this girl and again the shrieks started.

It would not be a big deal except for this:

Shrieking Maria Sharapova winning eagle

Maria Sharapova Winning the eagle

She wins tournaments, US Open, French Open, Wimbledon; and as a result what we see in TV are mostly her matches. She shrieks everytime she hits a shot. It totally ruins the view of the play and we miss seeing other great female players viz.




Earlier we didn’t have a choice since men’s tennis was dominated by fast servers, hence there was no point watching them. But after increase the size of the ball, the service speed has reduced and made men’s tennis watchable again.

men's tennis - Rafael Nadal | Andy Murray | Novak Djokovic | Roger Federer no shrieking

Rafael Nadal    |       Andy Murray   |      Novak Djokovic    |    Roger Federer

But still that will change and power will still become reason for winning. We will have to go back to watch women’s tennis. And hence I want to call you audience, to make your views knows, to ban Shrieking every time the players return the ball.

Shrieking doesn’t help in any way increase the power or increase stamina of player. It’s only a distraction and has come in vogue after seles. It totally ruins the play and disturbs the opponent. Call on your tennis club, call on the sports channels and call on the tournament organizers.


Maria Sharapova Hitting & Shrieking

Maria Sharapova Hitting & Shrieking