Smartphone Apps you must have


Mobile applications may be simply described as internet applications developed for smart phones and other mobile devices. The market today is flooded with a number of applications which are designed to educate, entertain or help consumers in their day to day life. These applications help to increase the utilitarian value of the phones and making cell phones more attractive by adding a number of entertainment features.

The range of apps available today are beyond imagination right from photos & videos, music, productivity, social networking, edutainment, gaming to travel, news, entertainment etc. And not just that, apps are also categorized as per certain demographics like age, sex, utility value, lifestyle, professions, mood swings and many more. Moreover there are apps which are specific to a particular platform (say iOS, Android etc.) or some which are functional across platforms.

But when we talk of all these interesting apps available for your smart phone, the first thing that comes to my mind is that how do people choose from the variety of apps available? Though I am not a mind reader or something, I can certainly take a few guesses. So let’s begin the guessing game. As mentioned earlier all the people fall under some categories and this largely determines the kind of apps they would have on their cell phones (I am hoping this to be correct!).

Say social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. these apps will have their presence on all smartphones be it of young or old. The basic need of these people is to stay in touch. Closely following these apps others which have universal presence include Skype, browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera etc. Coming to specific categories the must have applications for gaming enthusiasts are Angry Birds and its different versions, Fruit Ninja etc. These apps are further categorized for racing enthusiasts, intelligent gaming, memory games, children games etc.

And now let’s get to my favorite part. I have come up with a fun list of apps based on the kind of users –

  1. For men –body building and fitness apps, cooking apps for men, money management apps, net banking apps, Google places to find Hotels, pubs, discos etc.
  2. For women – apps for weight and figure management, smart and easy cooking, fashion apps, mobile shopping apps, beauty tips apps etc.
  3. For kids – educational apps, story books, IQ games etc.
  4. For the tech – savvy businessmen and women – document readers, photo collage apps, anti- virus apps, newspaper apps, finance related apps, meeting scheduler, calendars, remind me apps etc.
  5. For youngsters – social networking sites, gaming apps, matrimony websites, lifestyle apps, horoscope apps, mobile payment apps etc.
  6. For older people – health and fitness apps, calorie burner apps, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring apps……
  7. For the frustrated or angry you – gaming apps like angry birds, Fruit ninja, Paper toss, dismount etc.

Well this is just an indicative list which may become long and long and long what with the number of apps and the users on the increase. Come back for more interesting categories and locations from where you can download these interesting yet useful apps.