Building website to get eyeballs or spider?

I was recently browsing through some websites on a particular subject. I looked at websites on the subject, Indian ones and US ones.

Indian ones were full with matter, written as well as images. US ones where sparing of the matter, largely barren – something like google’s home page.

And I dwelled, why is that so. Apparently having lots of keywords on your website is key to building SEO rankings. But I asked people wouldn’t having a cluttered website make it look bad? Yes it would, so what. We have the rankings, so people come to our website & everybody else is doing it.

I think the “everybody else is doing it” is a bad way to reason for doing something. Of course high SEO rankings are important, but if your target audience reaches your page and doesn’t like it, they are going to look at other sites before deciding – and you don’t want that.

I would recommend you make you website eye-catching. With the least of choices (i.e, as less tabs as possible). As for SEO rankings, you can always make back pages in your website and give some links at the end of the home or about us page.

PS: This blog post wouldn’t have a high seo ranking.