How to make a successful career as a Web Designer

The skill set is the first step to being anything – in this case a web designer & developer. So to become a web designer you have to learn HTML/CSS and in addition JavaScript. Although JavaScript isn’t necessary, but since all websites have that you might as well learn it.successful career web designer If the website you are going to build is going to have databases and other complex objects, then programming languages such as .NET & PHP are involved. But you don’t have to go there at the outset.

HTML seems easy – and it is easy but only learning it to make simple programs. As you go deeper and build more complex pages, you will see how difficult and cumbersome it can be – since many different renditions are in conflict with each other – in simple English, different tags and attributes show the same text differently. So if a text comes under horizontal tag in its immediate <div> box and on the bigger box it comes off as vertical, then there is a problem.

So you should master HTML/CSS, ditto for JavaScript. This may take a little time and a LOT of practise, but it’s totally worth it. Any which way you make a website, the front-end or the back-end, you have to know how HTML renders a webpage, so the fundamental is important. After that, if you are interested in back-end coding, then you can pick up any languages and polish your skills on that. There are some things to keep in mind whilst designing web pages, like aesthetics and performance. You are prone to be good at one thing – if you good at both then its great. If you come with inborn artistic skills, then focus on the aesthetic side of web designing, if you are better at psychology and design, then focus on performance – how fast the website loads. This distinction is important is because you should develop a niche for yourself. Either you are great at design websites for social media or maybe for small businesses or for gaming. These take different skills. In one you need to be good with PHP, whereas just basic front end – HTML/CSS is needed for the second type; in the last type – maybe you need to know java. Its good to know as many skills as possible , but if you want to prosper being a web designer then having a niche is important. If you are a jack of all trades, then you should think about management or opening your own firm. Being in any career – networking is important. Make an effort to meet up groups, even if you have to leave work to do that. In the long run, knowing a lot of people helps you get the best jobs and businesses. Last but not the least –

Never stop learning

Technologies are always changing and nobody can predict what would be the next big thing. The worst thing you can be in is in a static state. Learn a little everyday, make it a habit to learn for atleast 1 hour a day and you would never be redundant. And have a great life.