Wide range of technology requirements for programming jobs – how to get it?

Here’s the requirement for a PHP programming job where the experience required was 1 Year.

* Operating System: MS DOS, Windows 98/NT/2003 Server / XP, Linux, Mac
* Languages:PHP4, PHP5, HTML5, DHTML, CSS,CSS3, JavaScript, Joomla, WordPress, NetSuite, Drupal, Opencart, Magento
* Database: MySQL, MS Access
* Application Software: Dreamweaver8, Adobe Photoshop, NetBeans

And there are many other jobs with such conditions.

1. The¬†range of OS they were asking for; it’s doubtful you would have worked with so many OSs in one firm in one year.

2. They were asking for all the CMSes, including Opencart, used for e-commerce sites

3. Thankfully exposure to only¬†2 databases were asked for, but the latter one “MS Access” is a little rare.

4. For application software, everybody has worked at some point with Dreamweaver (or equivalent) and Photoshop (or equivalent). But what about Netbeans. If your company didn’t work with Netbeans, it’s difficult to get exposure in it. People dont’ get exposure to it by themselves as it’s a little complex to work with for small sample projects….. and a little harder to master.

So when applying for this job, you have 2 choices:

Choice 1: Lie

Choice 2: Tell the truth

or maybe you figure; why apply……….that’s choice 3.

How to deal with this in interview

People don’t expect you to have exposure to all the technologies and that’s ok to tell the interviewers. If you know the important ones and have ticked of a majority of them, then you are safe.

What if I Don’t know many if any

Then you need to know.
Now a great way to do it is to join many different projects in your company. But what if that’s not the case; what if your firm is very small?

Well then you’ll have to take help of friends. All you need is a little exposure to all kinds of technologies, the basics that you can answer to interviewers. Ask friends to give you code for their projects so that you could work on it. Just practice.

Then when you have done your practice so that you can write basic code, you have got your exposure. Write in your resume that you have exposure, that means you can write basic code – not make advanced applications.


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