What to do whilst You are looking for job

So you have done with your education and training and are now looking for a job. But job search is a lengthy process. What to do till you haven’t had a job yet, here are some things.
looking for job

Do not be inactive:

An inactive body makes for an inactive mind – or the devil’s mind.

Get a easy to nab-transitional job:

People who have jobs are more likely to get jobs. So get some small time job which are easy to get and easy to loose. If you have to get a job which is lower than what you are educated for, get that even. Jobs as salesperson or receptionist, data-entry operator, they are easier to get and many are for part time or for small duration like 1 to 6 months.

Immerse in career oriented activites:

Volunteer at an NGO, maintain relevant blog, answer posts of Q&A sites related to your field. Take (cheap) classes, get cheap/free certificates from university. Do anything that is related to your field and which you can talk about in your interview and add in your resume.

Get Rejected :

Apply to anything and everything. Don’t be a prude. Even if you don’t like the job and would never join it, it doesn’t hurt to go for the interview. Experience how it feels like and what interviewers look for.

Talk to other candidates, you will get good tips and leads. And all the rejections would get the nervousness of a job interview out of your system. Treat the whole activity as a game where the goal is to get rejected.