Will Dreamweaver suffice?

You know how to work on the Dreamweaver (Frontpage for MS junkies) and don’t want to slog to learn HTML & CSS. Should you or should you not learn the scripting languages?

You have to remember that making a website involves Two skills: a DESIGN Skill and a CODING skills.

dreamweaverDesign Skills can be defined as Making webpages beautiful.

Coding Skills can be defined as Making your site do what you want it to do, making it look as you want in all browsers and (most importantly) not crashing!

The former is an Art. Photoshop, Coreldraw, Fireworks would help you improve with practise, but you will never become a Picasso if you don’t have the artistic gift.The latter is a Science. Logic is required and mastery over several programming languages.

If you just learn Dreamweaver, you will make nice images, maybe a little website for your personal use with 4 webpages, but you will never become a serious web designer.When you design a website, you are both – an artist as well as a coder. Design the art, then code around to make it look on the browsers as you want it it.

Once you learn coding, you will realise that Dreamweaver was the worst approach to web design.