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Training Delivery Options | How you will be trained

  • Instructor-led Online

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    • Best for people with limited time in the day

    • No hassle, no wastage of time commuting

    • Clear out all your doubts interactively

    • Take classes from locations anywhere in the world

    • People with moving jobs can take this class

  • Self Paced Online

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    • Great for those slow learners who master the subject after learning

    • Allow you a whale of a time to practice

    • Defer next topic till you have mastered previous one

    • This is a great option if you find it difficult to find time

    • No hassle of commute

    • It's good if you are a Busy-bee

  • Regular Classroom

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    • This is for you if you like learning with others

    • If you want to the get the feel of things

    • If you have the time to come and learn

    • You would get to learn face to face

    • Interact with other students

  • Corporate Training

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    • For a firm wanting trained employees

    • Corporate training is a good to retain employees

    • Increases skill sets so that same employees work for variety of projects

    • No new hiring required

    • A great alternative to corporate jaunts

    • The cost per employee is low

Course Features | Lots of free take aways

  • Industry professionals as Trainers - No Academic trainers
  • Well researched advanced course content created by Industry professionals
  • 50+ C advanced videos
  • 300(+) Assignments
  • Free access to Text based learning resources - 400(+) PDFs | 500(+) PPTs
  • 1000(+) Recruitment partners across Maharashtra
  • Technical & HR Interview preparations
  • Exam + Industry recognised Certificate
  • Unlimited Job calls

Overview | why should you do this course

Advanced C Programming course This course takes off from where the basic course levels off. If you know the basics of C programming and want to dwell upon the intricacies of C, then this is the course for you

If you are seriously thinking of getting into developing programs in C language for enterprise uses, then this programme is for you.

The course at Technnovation tackles programming issues faced in real time embedded systems. It explores issues facing the programmers at the time of Compilation, linking and run-time.

The major topics covered in this course are Sorting, Searching, merging, structures, pointers, linked lists, stacks, queues, recursion and random numbers.It also covers interrupts and multi-tasking in C.

Why Need It

C programming is often used in the guts of operating systems and embedded system applications. It is a great tool for people who use machines with embedded software.

An advanced knowledge of C gives you the ability to be able to solve problem that comes up with you machinery (which are not produced in large quantities, hence don’t have a plethora of developers working in it, also it may have an specialised OS built for it).

Features of the Course

  • Experienced Faculty giving hands-on training
  • Lots of experience in Runtime and Compilation problems
  • Delving on the nitty-gritty of finer points of the issues faced with C programming

Course Goals

  • Student is comfortable with advanced aspects of C Programming
  • Students get idea of workings on the target processor at Runtime
  • Introduction of good quality and style in writing the programming
  • Students get hands-on experience of interrupts and real-time operating system

Who Can Take It

Anybody with a basic knowledge of C Programming and concepts such as variable, constants, assignment, selection (if....else) and looping (while, for). It is preferable if the candidate should have a little experience with writing functions and working with arrays.

Course Curriculum | what we cover

1. Introduction Program Structure

  • Importance of good structure
  • Quality and style

2. Pointers, Arrays & Dynamic Allocation:

  • Arrays & pointers; compatibility and incompatibility

3. Function Pointers

  • Basics
  • Callbacks
  • State machine

4. Unscrambling Declarations

  • Rules
  • Using typedef

5. Enumerations, Structures and Unions

  • Enum vs. #define
  • Struct layout
  • Uses of union

6. Interrupts

  • Hardware interrupt models
  • Software interrupts

7. Multi-Tasking (Multi-Threading)

  • Terminology
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Intertask Communication & Synchronisation

8. The Linker

  • Memory sections

9. Start-up, Runtime and the Stack

  • What happens before main
  • What is happening at runtime
  • Estimation of stack requirements

10. Dynamic Memory

  • Malloc, calloc and realloc
  • Variable sized structures
  • Dangers

11. Memory Management and Protection

  • Memory protection
  • MMU
  • Segmentation and paging

12. Writing Safer C

  • MISRA-C Guidelines

13. OOP with C

  • Object-based and objectoriented
  • Classes, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Associations and aggregation

14. Number Crunching

  • Floating-point and fixed-point number systems
  • IEEE Standard 754

15. The Standard Library

  • Major issues

Upcoming Batches | training schedule

Batch NameCommencing Date
Cadv/Bt11 Jul
Cadv/Bt28 Jul
Cadv/Bt3 15 Jul
* Only Few Seats Left!
Cadv/Bt4 22 Jul
* Only Few Seats Left!
Cadv/A/Bt5 29 Jul
Lane no.5, Prabhat Road
Pune, Maharashtra

Custom Batches - Just in case you are unable to attend the scheduled batch, Custom batch times are also available.
Give a missed call on +91 898 300 2500

Customized Corporate Private Training: We deliver all our courses as Corporate Training as well - if you are a group interested in the course, this option may be more advantageous for you. We are based in Pune.

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Strong foundation in C programming opens up quite a lot of opportunities into Information Technology. Many companies require Technical Lead or Architect experienced in C up to 10 years. If you want to go in Game development or want to develop performance applications, you should consider learning C++.

Most modern game middleware packages--including Gamebryo, Havok, FMOD, SpeedTree and the Unreal Engine are written in C++.

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