iPhone Application Development

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Training Delivery Options | How you will be trained

  • Instructor-led Online

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    • Best for people with limited time in the day

    • No hassle, no wastage of time commuting

    • Clear out all your doubts interactively

    • Take classes from locations anywhere in the world

    • People with moving jobs can take this class

  • Self Paced Online

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    • Great for those slow learners who master the subject after learning

    • Allow you a whale of a time to practice

    • Defer next topic till you have mastered previous one

    • This is a great option if you find it difficult to find time

    • No hassle of commute

    • It's good if you are a Busy-bee

  • Regular Classroom

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    • This is for you if you like learning with others

    • If you want to the get the feel of things

    • If you have the time to come and learn

    • You would get to learn face to face

    • Interact with other students

  • Corporate Training

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    • For a firm wanting trained employees

    • Corporate training is a good to retain employees

    • Increases skill sets so that same employees work for variety of projects

    • No new hiring required

    • A great alternative to corporate jaunts

    • The cost per employee is low

Overview | Why should you do this course

iPhone Development course by TLabs

This course will teach you to build mobile applications for iPhones & iPad in iOS environment. The training would be in Objective C

This iOS app development course will take you through the idiosyncrasies of the operating system as well as of Objective C.

Mobile apps are different from desktop/laptop apps. Phones are small and always in motion. They have less processing power, memory and energy but they are moving. Hence many apps for require location information. This course will take you through the whole process and teach you to develop iOS apps within these environs.

Keep in mind that Objective C is a superset of C, i.e., it has some additional features above C that you need to get yourself familiar with;this course will teach you that.

Why Need It

Currently there are more than 27 million Smartphone users;and they are just 9% of the total mobile users. There is ample opportunity for growth. These people would need apps for their iphones.

It may so happen in future that most office work that we currently do in desktop/laptop, may be done in smartphones – this seems especially true for anything requiring text reading and editing.

Course at Technnovation Labs

We at Technnovation have brought out the course with the practical bent. In our course, most of your time would be spent designing apps and clearing the bugs in them rather than in theory.

Our faculty has years of industry experience and our course structure is designed to put you through the problems regularly faced when developing iOS apps for iPhone and iPad in the real world.

Course Goals

After the completion of this course you will:

  • Get familiar with iOS environment
  • Get to know the steps involved in developing, testing, and commercializing a mobile applications for iOS
  • Be able to use SDKs features such as Layouts, Storage, Connectivity, Messaging, Browsing, Java support, Media support, Additional hardware support and Multi-touch
  • Be exposed to common problems and learn how to troubleshoot them within the development environment and on the wireless devic
  • Have used a wide variety of APIs for a variety of features, including graphics, multimedia, and web access
  • Create mobile applications through examples

Who can take it

Previous knowledge of C/C++ is necessary for taking this course.

Course syllabus | What we cover

Objective C

  • Classes , Properties , Categories and Protocols
  • Control statements and loops in objective C
  • Working with Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Working with Foundation Classes
  • Understanding run-time environment

Memory Management

  • Understanding the Memory leaks
  • Reference Counting algorithm
  • ARC

iPhone SDK

  • Introduction to iPhone SDK.
  • Introduction to xcode.
  • COCOA Touch Framework.
  • iOS Application Architecture.

Views and Views Controller

  • View
  • ViewController
  • View Life cycle.
  • Basic Controls - Labels, Button , TextField , Slider etc

Advanced Views and Controller

  • TableView
  • TableView Controller
  • Picker View , Date Picker
  • Scroll View
  • Web View
  • Navigation and Tabbar Controller

Interface Builder

  • Understanding Interface builder
  • Understanding XIB files.
  • Creating Outlets and Actions

Data Storage

  • Directory structure of an iOS App.
  • Using SQLite database.
  • Using Core Data
  • Property List.
  • User Defaults

XML and Web Services

  • XML Parser .
  • JSON Parser.
  • SOAP based web service
  • REST web service.

Touches and Gestures

  • Handling the touch events.
  • Handling Gestures.


  • Playing Audio file.
  • Playing short sounds.
  • Playing Video on iPhone.


  • Displaying Map in iOS App
  • Working with Pin Annotations.
  • Handling the Map region.

Storyboard ( iOS 5 )

  • Using Storyboard to design the app.
  • Using Segues
  • Passing data from One Controller to another

Handling Different Screen Sizes

  • Programmatically controlling the views
  • Using springs and struts model
  • AutoLayout ( iOS 6 )


  • Multithreading in an iO App
  • Using NSThread
  • Using GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch )

Using Camera

  • Capturing image using camera
  • Getting the images from the Image Gallery.

Accessing Device Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • GPS

Mails and SMS

  • Sending mail and SMS from an App.

Transitioning to the iPad

  • SplitView Controller
  • PopOver Controller


  • Installing and testing an App on iOS Device.
  • Publishing an app to the Appstore

Job Profile | this is as good as it gets

After getting the skills to develop apps for iOS, you can get jobs in any company which has to deal with making apps, as iOS is the most used mobile OS in developed markets of Europe and US.

Alternatively, you can make your own apps and make money. If you have a great idea for an app, then this is the path to take.

Trainer Profile | they are experienced

The faculty are expert in mobile app development & possess the following skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Objective C & iPhone iOS SDK
  • Knowledge of XML & JSON
  • Working experience in SQL Databases and knowledge of SqlLite
  • Solid development skills particularly related to location based mobile applications.
  • Additional knowledge of HTML & Javascript
  • 4+ years of experience developing iOS apps

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