Offer 1: Check-in as you Walk in

Check in as you walk in

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We have abundant number of videos created by domain experts which we are going to share with all our students.
Because we strongly believe "The only immortality that humans can achieve is through the passing on of our knowledge."

Free Web Technology Video Tutorials on your fingertips:

  • HTML5 - 330+ Videos
  • PHP Programming Basics - 205+ Videos
  • AJAX - 170 Videos
  • PHP Beyond Basics - 95+ Videos
  • PHP - Essentials - 90 Videos
  • CSS3 - 60+ Videos
  • CakePHP-training-tutorials - 50+ Videos
  • C # - 50+ Videos
  • WordPress - 50+ Videos
  • JQuery Essential Training - 44 Videos
  • Bootstrap - 30+ Videos
  • Javascript Essentials - 20+ Vidoes
  • Search Engine Optimization - 20+ Videos
  • C Language - 10 Videos
  • Introduction to Programming - 9 Videos

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To book your Schedule/Slot for Free Video Tutorials simply call us @ 8983002500 or visit us at our training center.

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