Training in Colleges

We conduct trainings in colleges on Technology topics. Software training, mainly on web technologies are done in many colleges which want to impart training on those technologies to students so that they have that extra edge in the job market.

The benefits that students get is that they get the training cheaply, by industry professionals and they code whilst training. They'll find the nuances of the technology whilst they are in college and can discuss with teachers or other students about the problems they face.

Since lots of students sit in one training seminar, the training is quite cheap for the students - as opposed to getting admitted to an institute for that training.

An example would be the training in Asp.NET . Currently in Pune, students have to pay Rs. 25,000/- for such training in institutes. The costs are so high because the institute has to expend for marketing, rent, electricity as well as support staff of the institute in addition to trainers. All those expenses are added to the fees that the students face.

You could ask your students what technology they would like to have training. We provide training in widely used technology such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, .NET as well as niches such as various frameworks, Ruby on Rails etc. You can then contact us and have a training seminar for all the students who are interested in the training at your college premises.

Placement Assistance

As every student of ours is looking for job, we have tied up with lots of recruiters who are looking for freshers or experienced people. We have tie-ups with more than 193 companies to place our students.

These companies require freshers for the rigorous work as well experienced professionals who have trained in some niche - like Ruby on Rails – to work in specialised work.

Our recruitment partners are medium sized as well as start-ups. Depending upon your ability and interests, we provide you with endless interview calls until you land a job at any of our partners.

Although most of our recruitment partners are from Pune and surrounding suburbs, some are also from Mumbai as we do have students who have come to Pune to study and would like to go back to Mumbai.


Resume Writing Services

There are many little bits of tips and nuances that go into making a resume, which makes it a distinct art form. Did you know that HR personnel only look at a resume for 6 seconds before deciding to keep or drop them. You judge for yourself how much one can judge about a person in 6 seconds.

And one can’t blame them; they have a table full of big hordes of resume for a few jobs; especially in big reputable companies such as Infosys.

That’s where we come in, we make your resume – make not write – so that it is nice to look at and has the information useful to the recruiter up-front.

So rather than try making a resume which will rot in a heap of resumes, let us help you get chosen for interview.


Technology Seminars

We conduct Technology seminars for corporate as well as colleges. The topics can range from the well known, such as PHP, .NET to the esoteric such as data analytics via Hadoop.

Technology seminars are conducted for various reasons - to expose employees to new technologies, to give the students a leg up, to gather a crowd around the college, to get a reputation for being a place where seminars are conducted.

Whatever may be the reason, we have all the exposure on conducting Technology seminars. We have the capacities to arrange for the event and experienced teachers to give lectures and presentation on the technology.

Contact us if you want to conduct a technology seminar at your college or company.


Top ↑ Corporate Training

We conduct corporate training in topics as wide as software technology in one side and personality development on the other.

Personality development topics would include Negotiation Skills, Drafting (emails, letters, reports) Skills, Public Speech skills, foreign customs training.

The software technology training is generally on a niche, such as a framework (viz. Node.js) or tool (viz. Salesforce) or a new language such as Ruby (of the Ruby on Rails frame).

Our expertise and track record of training allows our trainers to impart your staff with the best skills & knowledge to work with the latest technology in a challenging and stressful environment.

Contact us if you want to conduct a Corporate Training at your college or company.

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