HTML5 & JavaScript APIs

HTML5 has awesome new features that makes it a must learn to every ITian... It has new APIs to capture Geolocation & has local storage capacity, It let's you handle audio, video and generate canvas to make and play interactive animation in a web page. This course aims to teach you all these HTML5 modules hands-on so that you can build and maintain any web as well as mobile applications.

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Course Features

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  • Industry professionals as Trainers - No Academic trainers
  • Well researched advanced course content created by Industry professionals
  • 50+ Web design videos
  • 300(+) Assignments
  • Free access to Text based learning resources - 400(+) PDFs | 500(+) PPTs
  • Live web design project
  • 1000(+) Recruitment partners across Maharashtra
  • Technical & HR Interview preparations
  • Exam + Industry recognised Certificate
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Change is the spice of life. And, Techworld is another name of rapid change. HTML5, the latest version of the most versatile & dynamic markup language i.e. HTML is a new specification being developed to move HTML forward in the realm of web applications.

HTML5 comes up with an improved interoperability, provides better presentation with CSS3 & very well adept at developing an online and offline web applications with an ease. With optimized performance ability this cutting edge technology is rapidly raising in the preferences charts of reputed web development & designing companies.

If you don't know HTML5, don't despair because we will cater your demands. As a finest HTML5 training institute, we stand distinguished in a crowd with our well crafted & systematic HTML5 training. This course will walk you through the major components of building HTML5 applications. It will talk about how to take standard HTML5 development techniques, and use them to create high performance applications. Besides learn everything about the new semantics and to leverage the new JavaScript API.

Features of the course:

The course has been designed so that the aspirants learn the art in a fun and learn way. All the modules of the course have a major focus on practicals and hands- on training. The teaching methodology is such that it becomes easy for the students to grasp it and right away begin with creating HTML 5 web applications once they are finished with the course and related assessments.

Who all can learn HTML5

Well yes very much if you are an HTML developer, an Application developer, a web developer or plainly a tech freak. In short the course has been designed in a such a way that it interactively teaches professionals and students alike to design, create and use HTML5 web applications.

Course syllabus

1. History, Vision & Future of HTML5

  • What Is HTML5?
  • History And Major Actors
    • A Little Retrospective
    • What Is The W3C?
    • What Is The WHATWG?
  • Vision And Philosophy Behind HTML5
  • Compatibility
  • Utility
  • Interoperability
  • Universal Access
  • Future Of HTML5
    • Timeline

2. Getting Started With HTML5

  • The State Of Browser Support
  • Feature Detection
  • Support For Legacy Browsers
    • Graceful Degradation
    • Emulation
  • Developer Tools

3. Structure of a Web Page

  • Page Encoding
  • HTML5 Markup
    • New And Updated Elements
    • Structural Elements
    • New Attributes
    • Deprecated Elements And Attributes
  • HTML5 And CSS3
  • Browser Support

4. Forms

  • What Are The Needs For Web Applications?
  • Current Solutions
  • New Input Types
  • New Attributes
  • Form Validation
  • Browser Support

5. Audio and Video

  • The State of Web Audio And Video Based On Plug-in
  • The State Of Audio And Video Codec (e.g. H.264, WebM, etc.)
    • Video/Audio Codec And Browser Support
  • New Audio/Video Markup
  • Attributes And Methods
  • Understanding Audio/Video Events
  • Customizing Audio/Video Controls

6. HTML5 Canvas

  • Overview Of Graphics In The Browser
    • Canvas Vs. SVG
    • Accessibility
  • Using A Canvas
  • Context And Coordinates
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working With Paths
    • Drawing Straight Lines
    • Drawing Circles Or Arcs
  • Drawing Text
  • Drawing Images
  • Working With Pixels
  • Understanding Transforms
    • Translation
    • Rotation
    • Scaling
  • Browser Support

7. Data Storage

  • Problems With The Existing Cookie-based Model
  • Hacks Prior To HTML5
  • New Storage Options
    • Web Storage
    • Web SQL Storage
  • Browser Support

8. HTML5 Offline Applications

  • The Need For Offline Mode
  • The Manifest File
  • The application Cache Events
  • Deployments And Updates
  • Browser Support

9. HTML5 Geolocation

  • Introduction To Geolocation
  • Privacy Considerations
  • Many Ways To Get User Location
  • Two Main Methods
  • The Position Object
  • Handling Errors
  • The Position Options Object
  • Browser Support

10. HTML5 Web Workers

  • The Current JavaScript Execution Model
  • Introduction To Web Workers
  • Usage Of Web Workers
  • Communication APIs
  • Handling Errors
  • Browser Support

11. HTML5 Web Sockets

  • Overview Of Web Communication Options
    • The History (Comet)
  • Overview Of Web Sockets API And Protocol
  • Advantages Of Web Sockets
  • Browser Support
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Upcoming Batches

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Customized Corporate Private Training: We deliver all our courses as Corporate Training as well - if you are a group interested in the course, this option may be more advantageous for you. We are based in Pune.

Your Job Profile

At the end of the course, at the sole discretion of the participant he may either to choose to begin something on his own like become a HTML 5 web development consultant or work with some of the most sought after IT companies as a HTML 5 developer.

Tasks you will be able to perform

  • Build HTML5 forms
  • Local Storage
  • HTML5 mobile apps

Our Trainer Profile

  • Minimum 4 yr exp in PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, jquery, javascript
  • Developing Cross-browser compatibility solution for iOS, Android and Windows based tablets & smart phones (iPad / iPhone, Android, Windows PCs, Linux, and Mac etc.)
  • Hands on experience in using Jquery Mobile Framework, Phonegap etc..
  • Knowledge of Mobile UI and JSON
  • Excellent exposure of responsive web design.
  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks including backbone and jQuery
  • Experience designing and building Web Applications for both desktop and mobile platforms

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Where to next?

HTML5 has the potential to replace all other development platforms. You can develop native mobile user experience in HTML5, CSS & JavaScript with the help of frameworks like Bootstrap, Sencha Touch, Phone Gap or jQuery Mobile. Besides Firefox OS (codenamed Boot2Gecko or B2G) is a new mobile operating system based on Linux and Mozilla's Gecko technology. It is built upon open web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We are about to launch these as well as new HTML5 development Framework courses.

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