Training Delivery Options

  • Instructor-led Online

    Online trainer logo

    • Best for people with limited time in the day

    • No hassle, no wastage of time commuting

    • Clear out all your doubts interactively

    • Take classes from locations anywhere in the world

    • People with moving jobs can take this class

  • Self Paced Online

    Self pace learning logo

    • Great for those slow learners who master the subject after learning

    • Allow you a whale of a time to practice

    • Defer next topic till you have mastered previous one

    • This is a great option if you find it difficult to find time

    • No hassle of commute

    • It's good if you are a Busy-bee

  • Regular Classroom

    Regular classroom training logo

    • This is for you if you like learning with others

    • If you want to the get the feel of things

    • If you have the time to come and learn

    • You would get to learn face to face

    • Interact with other students

  • Corporate Training

    Corporate training logo

    • For a firm wanting trained employees

    • Corporate training is a good to retain employees

    • Increases skill sets so that same employees work for variety of projects

    • No new hiring required

    • A great alternative to corporate jaunts

    • The cost per employee is low

Freshers & Professionals Training

As we all know that technology plays an important role in one's life today. In these circumstances, it is very essential for one to have comprehensive knowledge and proper skillful training. And this is where Technnovation helps you.

We provide all round training inclusive of teaching basic fundamentals & practical experience with an aim to meet employer expectations and help the students to have an impressive career graph in technology. Special attention is paid to flourish online entrepreneurship. The singular aim is to generate a highly competitive technological resource.

A course at Technnovation will help an Individual to achieve:

  1. In – depth technological knowledge
  2. Opportunity to learn many skills through teacher interactions and workshops
  3. Well formulated training covering all the dynamism of technology
  4. Practical hands – on experience
  5. Large amount of technical expertise and knowledge
  6. High employability
  7. One step ahead of your friends and colleagues
  8. Placement assistance

Corporate Training

Technology arena is crowded with various innovative frameworks, tools, software which have the proven records of efficiency, accuracy & availability at a very competitive rate. Your company may have the expansion plans but your employees may be lacking those resources & skills.

Under such circumstances, rebuild your X-factor; earn that extra edge over others & overwhelm the market stake with your comprehensive skills. We, at Technnovation understand Company's demands; we have simplified the learning scenario in a systematic manner to quench your thirst for knowledge. And since we have started we are successfully serving it in a customized way.

Training at Technnovation offers following Benefits to the Companies:

  1. Save time, save money & optimize existing resources due to reduced rate of recruitment process
  2. Fulfillment of customized demands
  3. One-to-one interaction with Industry experts
  4. Well formulated training
  5. Well structured & neatly crafted syllabus keeping in mind the industry relevance
  6. Weekend batches, early morning batches & training @ Company location


If you are as passionate about technology as we are, then come to us for the best technology training by industry experts. Get the recipe of an impressive career in technology with a balanced mix of well structured courses and all round developmental training.


The business world today is highly competitive with an exponentially increasing demand for IT professionals. At Technnovation we understand this and hone your IT skills and talents to make you employable.


We have come into existence with the aim of being there for all – students as well as companies. Not to forget that if we offer exemplary education and career opportunities to students;we provide the best talent to companies too! And not to forget our contribution to society, we also have CSR activities on our agenda

Why acquire training in technology

The ubiquitous nature of technology has marked its impact in our day-to-day life with its rapid development rate. Now, it becomes the demand of time that people should be adept at technology.

Training from a professional institute is the pre requisite which will open up greater avenues. Keen focuses on fundamentals with crystal clear concepts can easily transform student to professional & as a summation it will groom a person on all fronts - improved achievement, improved motivation, and improved technological literacy.

The world today has become largely technologically dependent, making progress faster than the speed of light we just cannot deny the position that it holds in our life. The world has become a smaller place and there is a lot of competition among its inhabitants to secure a successful place in this highly competitive scenario. Technology has spread its wings in every sector be it shopping, financial transactions or even education.

However, amid ever-changing technology trends, Technnovation vividly signifies a perfect medley of theoretical knowledge & practical exposure. With our extensive array of various training programs we stand distinguished amongst crowd.

We are a Training & Technology Innovation Hub formed by group of Industry professionals who has stamped their impression in very short span of time. By bolstering the technological literacy with our unique training methodologies, we ranked as Game changers amongst competitors. We are the most sought training partner by students, professionals & corporate because of our full house provision of training resources in technology such as web design and development using PHP, ASP.Net & HTML5. Being master in catering the demands of time we provide numerous career opportunities.



If you want to jump start your career then you must learn the basic programming languages.

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You have mastery over basic languages, but that is not sufficient enough to move ahead in career, there are the higher languages and frameworks.

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We conduct corporate trainings for various companies all over India in Information Technology as well as Personality development skills such as negotiation skills & more.

What's in for Companies » More about CorpTrain »
Training for companies

Having trained young professionals and students to become employees in the dynamic IT industry, Technnovation now forays into CORPORATE TRAINING. Having a vast interaction and experience in the industry, we recognise the corporate challenges first hand. We also have a thorough understanding that unpredicted and fast changes in the technological arena backed by the various options for IT employees today, make it very difficult for a corporate body to train and groom their workforce aptly to ensure that they are able enough to become good leaders with the best managerial traits.

We have designed comprehensive corporate training programs – the CorpTrain consisting of various modules wherein we take complete responsibility right from A – Z of the corporate training process. This includes assessing the training requirements and ensuring that the training proves to be fruitful in its practicality rather than theoretical sessions.

In order that we meet your expectations of being thorough professional, we promise that we live up to your expectations. In this regard, we offer strict "service level agreement" designed as per your wants and requirements.

Speak to us for more or just drop in your query to know how well we can help your organization to train better.

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